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K-12 College Preparation and K-20 Success

CREATE was created to improve K-12 opportunity regionally before college application and admissions. Our student-facing programs pursue equitable college access for low-income, first generation youth, through programming based in K-12 schools, the community, and on our campus.


The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) at UC San Diego provides a host of pre-college services to increase the eligibility of low-income, first-generation college-bound students for admission to the post-secondary institution of their choice (UC, CSU and community college campuses). EAOP offers pre-college counseling, FAFSA help, and academic events to low-income first-generation youth. The program currently serves more than 3,000 students at 16 high schools in San Diego and Imperial counties.

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TRIO Outreach Programs

TRIO Outreach Programs at UC San Diego prepare San Diego area students to successfully complete high school, transition to the college of their choice, and succeed in graduating with a two-year, four-year, or vocational/technical degree. TRIO Outreach Programs are targeted to low-income, first generation students who aspire to attend college immediately after high school graduation. TRIO is a federally funded program charged to recruit and support low-income first-generation high school students through year-round intensive advising and intentional academic, financial literacy, and college preparation programming through their high school years. Our program houses five federally funded TRIO programs: two Upward Bound programs, two Upward Bound Math Science programs and a Talent Search program. Ongoing precollege services and opportunities are provided to the 900+ students engaged in our program.

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CREATE K-20 STEM Outreach

Our CREATE K-20 STEM Outreach program targets K-12 future first-generation college applicants and their families through hands-on STEM learning events that address disparities in STEM diversity and provide adequate exposure opportunities and explorations of career paths in STEM at an early age. We engage community college students, undergraduates, and graduate students in outreach, for K-20 effects. In addition to community events, our program STEMULATE engages K-12 students in STEM at an early age to develop their STEM identity, reinforce their sense of belonging, and ultimately influence their decision to pursue higher education and STEM careers. Develop your skills in STEM communication and “give back” to communities in our region!

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#USvsHate is a national educator- and student-led anti-hate messaging project based at CREATE. We seek to unite school communities against hate, bias, and injustice. #USvsHate(“us versus hate”) is about embracing inclusion and justice for all in our diverse schools and society. Our messages insist publicly that all people are equally valuable. In #USvsHate, students are invited to create public anti-hate messages in any media for their school communities. Our national challenges then amplify student voices for a nationwide audience. What’s communicated in schools really matters. We think students creating school messaging is a great place to start building schools and a society where all are supported and valued.

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