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One of CREATE's central objectives is to develop collaborative relations with local schools and community programs with the goal of collectively enhancing education opportunities in the San Diego region.

In all our partnership work, we seek to increase the number of underserved, low-income youth who are eligible for admittance to college. Some of our work supports students directly with opportunities to learn; other work supports educators to offer the highest quality of education at schools serving high-need students. We consider all of our work at CREATE "partnership" work with the local education community, and between our organizations we link to nearly 200 of the region's schools and growing.  Contact us to partner further!

CREATE also maintains specific long-term partnerships with schools and programs. Official UC San Diego school partnerships include UC San Diego's on-campus model school, The Preuss School, and a partner school in Southeast San Diego, Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA), both of which launch their low income and first generation students to college through innovative whole-school models. A third partnership school relationship has been with Lincoln High School, with a focus on innovating supplemental supports from UC San Diego. Alongside these official UC San Diego-school partnerships, we maintain and cultivate partnership relationships with innovative schools, districts, and educators across the region through our longstanding educator and professional development networks. We have a particular interest in networking local educators to one another as well as to UC San Diego, to improve K-12 instruction and to spread local innovations in school improvement.

Formal UC San Diego School Partnerships

The Preuss School at UC San Diego


The Preuss School is a secondary school on the campus of UC San Diego offering grades 6-12 for 700 students in the San Diego region. All students at Preuss are low income and the first members of their families to go to college. Preuss fosters a culture of high academic performance in which all students take AP courses and a college preparatory curriculum, and Preuss regularly receives both state and national awards for its performance. To learn more from Preuss, contact CREATE Director Mica Pollock at micapollock@ucsd.edu

Gompers Preparatory Academy


Gompers Preparatory Academy in Southeast San Diego opened in September 2005 with an enrollment of 950 students grades 7-9. Gompers now enrolls 950 low-income students in grades 6-12. In both June 2012 and 2013, Gompers graduated 100% of its first senior class, and 100% of the class was accepted to college. To learn more from GPA, contact CREATE Director Mica Pollock at micapollock@ucsd.edu

Lincoln High School

lLincoln is a comprehensive, diverse high school in Southeast San Diego that works with CREATE and other UC San Diego partners to tap educational resources in the form of information to students and parents about college applications and financial aid; student academic enrichment activities; tutors; TRIO/Upward Bound supports; and teacher professional development. CREATE currently is working closely with UC San Diego's Eleanor Roosevelt College and the Lincoln High School Math leadership to launch a UC San Diego Math Tutor Corps; a new College Academic Mentor Program course with Muir College will send undergraduates to Lincoln and other schools as assistants to counselors. To learn more from Lincoln, contact CREATE Director Mica Pollock at micapollock@ucsd.edu

Community Organization Partnerships

CREATE is currently expanding and cultivating a host of community partnerships with local innovators focusing on school-to-college-and career pipeline efforts. We have historic and new partnerships with many local organizations and initiatives, including the following:

CREATE-hosted Program Partnerships

CREATE is host to two important UC San Diego-based programs that support young people in informal, out-of-school settings. Together, we explore education outreach strategies that engage undergraduates in informal education in community organizations via coursework. 

UC San Diego Program Partnerships

CREATE partners with numerous other programs at UC San Diego that work to increase local opportunities to learn.  Campus partners include:

Regional Partnerships

Finally, with partners across campus and in the community, CREATE also seeks to improve educational opportunity regionally. Our CREATE STEM Success Initiative is our newest collective effort linking campus colleagues to education efforts in the San Diego region.