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Outreach Lessons and Handouts   


Candy Cane Construction Challenge/Desafío de Construcción con Bastones de Caramelo 

Science Kit Instructions                                                                                                                                               

Making Slime/Haciendo Slime

Marshmallow Chemistry/Química con Bonbones


The purpose of this activity is to understand molecular bonding and molecular structures, and how molecules are built of atoms that are bonded in a distinct way to create different molecular formulas. This hands-on experiment requires assorted colored marshmallows, toothpicks or raw spaghetti. We will use these materials to demonstrate the chemical structure of different molecules. This lesson is ideal for students in 4th grade or higher.

Atom Marshmallow Activity

 Pressure and Vacuums/Presión y Aspiradoras al Vacío 

Ever wonder how airplanes fly or how it is possible to drink from a straw? Check out this lesson of pressure and vacuums that will allow us to explore concepts that we see around us, but sometimes we cannot explain. Learn about what pressure is and how it is affected by volume and temperature all around us.

¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado cómo vuelan los aviones o cómo es posible beber de un popote? Consulte esta lección de presión y aspiradoras al vacío que nos permitirá explorar conceptos que vemos al nuestro alrededor, pero que a veces no podemos explicar con certeza. Conozca qué es la presión y cómo se ve afectada por el volumen y temperatura de nuestros alrededores.



In this fun and easy Physics lesson we will use peeps (marshmallows) and balloons to learn about pressure, volume, and temperature. Through the use of a pressure chamber, students will make a hypothesis as to what will happen to the objects trapped in our chamber once it decompresses. Students will also think of real-life applications of the relationship between pressure, volume, and temperature, such as pressure cooking. This lesson does not require the viewer to buy materials, as it is an observational experiment. This lesson is ideal for students in 4th grade or higher.

Pressure and Vacuums Activity

Actividad de Presión y Aspiradoras al Vacío

Acids and Bases/Acidos y Bases

The main objective of this exercise is to introduce participants to acidic and basic solutions and their role in the world around us. This lesson will use household items to do this. The pH scale, which is used to identify ACIDS and BASES (based on number scale and color scheme), will be introduced and explained. Indicator (red cabbage juice) will be used in order to see the chemical reactions and help visualize how acids and bases produce different colors. Lastly, we will discuss neutralization, which occurs when acid and basic solutions are combined. This lesson is ideal for students in all grade levels.


Acids and Bases

Data Collection Sheet

Acidos y Bases


The main objective of this exercise is to introduce participants to the states of matter by creating safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly slime. This lesson will use household items to do this. Join the CREATE team in exploring SCIENCE by household items to create fun, no-mess, parent-friendly SLIME! 


How to Make Slime!

¡Como Hacer Slime!

Cell Biology 

The main objective of this exercise is to introduce participants to cells and the organelles that compose them. This lesson will be a coloring page handout to explain the structure of a eukaryotic cell. Join the CREATE team in exploring CELL BIOLOGY by using coloring materials in this quick and simple follow-along lesson!


Cell Biology Protocol

Blank Coloring Cell Template


Plants are amazing organisms!  Since they cannot move around, adaptations help them survive. Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat. We hope you enjoy learning about plant adaptations. Join the CREATE team in exploring Plants as we walk through our backyards, neighborhoods and local open spaces in San Diego.


Plant Adaptations

 Flower Dissection/Dissección de Flores

Students will be able to identify at least one part of a plant and practice exploring parts of a plant. Join the CREATE team in exploring plant anatomy as we dissect a plant to describe the organs that comprise it.


Flower Dissection

Disección de Flores

Boats and Buoyancy/Barcos y Flotabilidad 

We will teach you how boats stay afloat using a hands-on experiment to splash into learning about buoyancy! The main objective of this exercise is to introduce how the forces that interact to keep a boat afloat. We will design and build a boat from aluminum foil that can hold as many ropebblescks as possible before sinking or capsizing. Join the CREATE STEM10+ Outreach Team for a fun and easy physics lesson brought to you by our neighborhood scientists.




Water Pollution/Contaminación de Agua

We will teach you the importance of water conservation and show an interactive water filtration experiment. Students will be able to identify natural and human-based pollution sources, discuss pollution effects on marine and human life, model ocean pollution and ocean cleanup and think of solutions to minimize negative impacts.  Join the CREATE team for a fun and easy chemistry lesson brought to you from your neighborhood scientists.


Water Pollution

Contaminación de Agua


Insects are important to help break down and dispose of wastes, dead animals and plants would accumulate in our environment and it would be messy. They are the largest groups in the animal kingdom and they are the most common as well.  However, insects are underappreciated for their role in the food web. Join the CREATE team for a fun and easy biology lesson from scientists in your neighborhood. We will show you the most common insects that live around us and emphasize the importance of these creatures in our everyday environment. 






This lesson will introduce students to the challenges of getting into space and the engineering behind rockets used for space exploration. Students will learn how and why engineers design satellites to benefit life on Earth, as well as explore motion, rockets and rocket motion. Join the CREATE STEM10+ Outreach Team for a fun and easy physics lesson where we will teach you about the science of rockets!


Straw Rocket


Volcanic activity is the most powerful force in nature. In this activity, students will explore how volcanoes are formed, the different types of volcanoes, and describe what happens during a volcanic eruption. Students will also build a mini volcano of their choice using one of the different combinations of reagents. Join the CREATE team for a fun and easy lesson that combines geology, chemistry and arts and crafts. We will teach you the importance of volcanoes and powerful science behind them!


Volcanoes Handout

Volcanes Handout

 Heart Health/Corazón Saludable


Heart Health

 Paper Airplanes/Aviones de Papel


The Perfect Paper Airplane

El Perfecto Avion de Papel

 Saltwater Density/Densidad de Agua Salada


Densidad de Agua Salada



 Ice Cream in a Bag


Ice Cream Chemistry

 Ocean Acidification/Acidificación del Mar


Ocean Acidification

Acidificación del Oceano

 The Chemistry of CO2/La Química de CO2


Chemistry of CO2

The Science of Tortillas


 Balloon Powered Cars/Carros con Globos


 Medical Illustrations/Ilustraciones Medicas


 Halloween STEMtacular: Dry Ice and Fog/Hielo Seco y Neblina


 Strawberry DNA/ADN 


 Vision with Dr. Grace Lee/La Vista con la Dra. Grace Lee


 Face Masks/Mascarillas


 Water Systems/Sistemas de Agua

 Natural Dyes and Cochineal/Tintas Naturales y Cochinilla