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STEM Summer Session Series


June 24th: Navigating Transitions

Join this dialogue with individuals about their personal and professional journeys. Panelists speak on their experience navigating transitions as (transfer, undergraduate and graduate) students, working professionals, and as individuals.

        July 8th: Diversity in Science

Join this dialogue about the importance and contribution of diversity in STEM. Panelists share about their experiences as students, researchers, and professionals in STEM and how their identities drive their work and ability to lead the path for others.


        July 22nd: Social Consciousness in STEM

Engage in a dialogue about the importance of Social Consciousness in STEM. This panel captures participants’ insights/perspectives on the intersections of STEM and social issues currently faced by underrepresented minorities in STEM. We discuss intersections with STEM and issues such as social injustice, immigration, mass incarceration, and socioeconomics.



        August 5th: Women in STEM


        August 12th: Value of Research


        August 19th: Into to Nano


        August 26th: Entering the Workforce