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CSSI Testimonials

In the CREATE STEM Success Initiative, CREATE staff work with partners across campus and community to collectively design, execute, and evaluate outreach and education projects. Here are some recent testimonials to that work!

The CREATE STEM Success Initiative is fulfilling an extremely important role at UC San Diego by unifying and informing the outreach efforts of departments across the institution. It has been a pleasure to work collaboratively under the CSSI umbrella. The collaboration has proven to be a productive means of extending the work we have been doing at Scripps to a broader audience, providing access to expertise essential to high quality outreach, and establishing communication channels that connect outreach providers at UC San Diego in a way that has not happened before the CSSI was established.

Cheryl Peach, Ph.D.
Director, Scripps Educational Alliances
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

2014-diversity-award-photo.jpgCongratulations to you and the CREATE STEM Success Initiative core staff team for receiving a Diversity Award at the UC San Diego Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action!

Well deserved! It energizes all of us! 

Gabriele Wienhausen
Executive Director
Teaching and Learning Commons, UC San Diego

Mica and her team of CREATE has made our education program much stronger.

Shaochen Chen, PhD
Professor of NanoEngineering and Bioengineering
Co-Director of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center
Institute of Engineering in Medicine

We at the National Marine Mammal Foundation would like to thank CREATE for Dr. Susan Yonezawa's help in formulating our evolving K-12 outreach strategy. Whereas our primary job is to assure extraordinary health of the Navy's marine mammals, we also publish research articles related to marine mammals and stewardship of the sea, about two per month. We would like to share our passion for that research and our researchers with the K-12 community and have greatly benefited from Susan's advice, which we hope to tap further in the future.

Very Respectfully,
Erika Putman
Director of Education and Outreach
National Marine Mammal Foundation
Navy Marine Mammal Program 

I hope you are well. I wanted to introduce you to my colleague in Chemistry who will be putting together an NSF CAREER application in the near future.  I mentioned to him what a great opportunity it was for me to partner with CREATE to develop my broader outreach program. Hopefully you can touch base and discuss possibilities with him.

Neal K. Devaraj
Assistant Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry and Bioengineering
University of California, San Diego

Thank you once again for always connecting me to the most amazing people. 

Cyndi Bendezú Palomino, M.A.
Assistant Director, McNair Research Scholars Program
UCLA Academic Advancement Program

I’m emailing you to share with you some exciting results we saw by the end of our [SAT] program! Inevitably, there were some students who dropped out. But many of those who powered through the program improved their scores by 200 points on the 2400 SAT scale! One of our top students from Gompers improved by 280 points, marking a 1750 on his final diagnostic exam.I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support. If you would be interested, I would love to consult you about possibly extending our program throughout the academic year. Many of our tutors are interested, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on the logistics behind the program.

Thanks again for all your help.
Sora Chee
Research Associate at UCSD School of Medicine

First and foremost, on behalf of the Institute of the Americas, I want to thank you for your support to this program and agreeing to come speak to our participants. Your presentation was absolutely phenomenal and you were truly an inspiration to all our teachers. Without your involvement, our program would not have been the success it was. We heard amazing feedback from our participants; they truly enjoyed your talk and demo!    

Denisse A. Fernández
Director of Summer Science Program
Program Associate
Institute of the Americas

Just confirming that CREATE has completed WITH DISTINCTION the efforts proposed in the original BEST project statement of work. Moreover, they have served to connect us (SSC Pacific in San Diego) with a cohort of excellent middle school teachers who are interested to continue to work with us as well as like-minded educators at the Reuben H. Fleet Center. In various ways through SSC Pacific STEM professionals and/or summer institute teachers, thousands of students have benefited from the institute through classroom presentations and demonstrations. Moreover, there is the reasonable hope that teachers will continue to as CREATE has built a website from which teachers can draw presentations, demonstration instructions, videos.

Jim Rohr

I am so excited about all of this great work that I can barely sit in my chair. To think that our small pilot project with CREATE, USCD extension, SDCC Math Dept. and Price last year could be the seed that will germinate this marvelous garden of abundance for our SDCC students is very exciting. This again validates how well things can be for all of us when we collaborate and share resources and expertise.

Thank you all for all of your hard work on the continuing success of this worthy effort to improve the success of our students in the Gatekeeper courses.

Mariaelena Delgado, M.A.
Price Scholarship Program Director

I’m so impressed with CREATE’s ability to turn words into action. We’re so glad to be partnering with you. Without you, we would never hope to make the kind of giving impact we’re currently enjoying.

Kit-Victoria Wells
Team Liaison
Christopher Weil & Company

We're gearing up for the launch of the community service transportation program thanks to the collaborative efforts of Mica, Susan, Ryan and Tiveeda! We’re picking up our 3 community service vans tomorrow. Many thanks to you for assisting on the development of routes and partnering in the software that will allow the students to sign-up for the vans. This has been a wonderful collaborative partnership, and one that will allow more students to serve the community.

Thank you again! Here's to engaging more students in the community!

Emily Marx
Director, Center for Student Involvement
UC San Diego