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Student Academic Preparation Programs 

photo-1b-1.jpgCREATE hosts two important outreach programs that work directly with the region's first-generation college-bound students: the UC-funded Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) and the federally-funded TRIO Outreach Programs (including Upward Bound).

Both programs provide academic preparation programming and informational support to enhance students' preparation for admission to post secondary education. Both programs employ UC San Diego undergraduates as supporters to the region's students and counselors.  

CREATE also supports many UC San Diego colleagues to design, run, and evaluate outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts focused on supporting students, particularly through the CREATE STEM Success Initiative.

If you'd like to discuss how your own outreach effort might be shaped to have the most impact on student success, or evaluated for its impact on students, email Mica Pollock, CREATE Director (, or Susan Yonezawa, Associate Director (